Friday, June 26, 2009

Criticize superiors

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A result of research shows that those who do not have any supervisory responsibilities will be more difficult to critique rather than those who have the responsibility of supervision. Difficulty subordinate when one must criticize, and will be more difficult if you have a superior and less authoritarian in the open to receive criticism. We should consider to whom the criticism that will be addressed.

Some people are not concerned with the problematic situation and hope that the long run it will calm the situation by itself. Attitudes like that will let the right be done only when a problem if the problem is trivial or just a symptom of a more serious problem. However, the passivity of the situation often is not the action is appropriate because many problems can not disappear by itself, the old, the problem will grow if not immediately solved.

Some people are not willing to give for fear of criticism if the boss does not turn into love, or they may give poor performance ratings to him. Criticize superiors may result in the emergence of conflict, but somehow avoid conflict will not solve the problem.

We often reluctant to give criticism because many people who can not receive input or feedback from other people with big hearts. This is contradictory with the results of research on motivation suggests that feedback is one of the biggest motivator to make changes. Even superiors can appreciate criticism or feedback that you have thought carefully.
Give feedback or negative criticism to superiors in a way that's polite. As is known one can fudge, lie, and even murder in order to save themselves. Do not forget that the boss also needs to protect the reputation and dignity.

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